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About Dalian

Dalian Attractions

Dàlián is the second largest city in Liaoning Province, Dongbei (North East), China and the largest port in northern China as well as a major destination for Chinese tourists. Located at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, the main part of the city is on its own sub-peninsula, with the port to the north of the town centre and natural coastline dotted with beaches to the east and south.


View of central Dalian from Láodòng (Labour) Park
Dalian districts

Dalian in fact encompasses 6 districts, 3 county-level cities and one county. Visitors would are likely to spend time in only 5 of the city's 8 districts (and none of the sub-cities). Among the 5 are the following; these 4 districts are the only ones locally called "Dalian":

  • Zhongshan District (中山区 Zhōngshānqū), home of Dalian's financial and commercial center, and also home to squares and avenues with grand Russian and Japanese architecture. This is the easternmost of Dalian's 4 "downtown" districts. Around the eastern and southern side of the coast are several beach and scenic areas including Binhai Lu, Bangchuidao beach & Golf Course, and Tiger Beach.
  • Xigang District (西岗区 Xīgǎngqū), home of the municipal government district and People's Square, on the western border of Zhongshan District. On the southern coast lies Fujiazhuang beach.
  • Shahekou District (沙河口区 Shāhékǒuqū) is mainly a residential area, though Xinghai Square and the many universities in the district may attract visitors. On the western border of Xigang District.
  • Ganjingzi District (甘井子区 Gānjǐngzǐqū) is by far the largest district, running from Heishijiao University and the high tech area in the south to the southern edge Jinzhouqu in the north and to Yingchenzi in the west. For all its size, however, Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is the only location within the district most travelers are likely to visit. West of Shahekou and north of Lushunkou Districts.

The wider Dalian administrative area encompasses 2 further districts, 3 county-level cities (北三市 Běisānshì three northern cities) and one county. Jinzhou District and Lushunkou District are the other 2 districts. Changhai County, a small group of islands east of the Liaodong Peninsula, is the only county Dalian administrates. Wafangdian, Pulandian, and Zhuanghe represent the 3 county-level cities within the municipal territory of Dalian. Pulandian is the future home of the municipal government headquarters, with the center of control no longer in Xigang District as the China's central government's plans to continue to develop the districts north of Dalian's city center.

  • Jinzhou District (金州区 Jīnzhōuqū) lies immediately north of Ganjingzi District. The main attractions in the district are the Golden Pebble Beach, "Daheishan Peak" and Xiangshui Temple.
  • Lushunkou District (旅顺口区 Lǚshùnkǒuqū) occupies the very southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, with the historically significant city of Lushun (formerly Port Arthur) at its center.
  • Zhuanghe District (庄河市 Zhuānghéshì) well north east of Dalian city is a mostly rural district with the impressive Bingyu Valley as its main attraction, with more recently developed attractions Buyun Shan Hot Springs and Yinshitan Forest Park also in the area.

There are numerous sub-districts within each district, which would equate to "neighborhoods", but these are far too numerous and specific to be of much help to travelers.

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