Honorary Chiar

Prof. Deepak Laxmi Narasimha, University of Malaya, Malaysia


Conference Chairs

Prof. T. S. Huang, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Dr. Ahmed Sarhan, University of Malaya, Malaysia


Organizing Chairs

Prof. Shuihua Fan, Beijing normal university, China

Dr. Heng Guan, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China


Conference Secretary

Prof. Anlong Shen, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China


Program Committee

Dr. Gao Tao, Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province, China

Dr. Jie Zhang, Guangxi University, China

Prof. Liaohong Li, Ludong University, China

Prof. Yuxian Gai, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Dr. M. N. Bin Mansor, University Malaysia Perlis, Perlis

Dr. YongYang, Wuhan University of science and technology, China

Prof. Y. D. Zhang, Columbia University or Nanjing Normal University

Prof. Chengdong Wu, Northeastern University, China

Prof. Hongshen Yan, Southeast University, China

Prof. Y. Jin, Jilin University, China

Dr. Li S. C. , Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr. Wang H. X. , Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, China

Prof. Yanfeng Geng, China University of Petroleum, China

Asso. Prof. Zhiyong Feng, Tianjin University, China

Prof. Yanbin Qu, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Prof. Mo adda, University of Portsmouth, UK

Prof. Taufik K. Aboud, University of Tripoli, Libya

Asso. Prof. Asif Mahmood, King Saud University (KSU), Saudi Arabia

Dr. Koichiro Fukui, Yokohama National University, Japan

Prof. Ming-piao Tsai, National Formosa University, Taiwan

Dr. Ahmed Sarhan, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Prof. M. Chandra Sekaran, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India

Dr. Tan Chee-fai, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

Dr. Deng Liao, Conco rdia University, Canada

Asso. Prof. Lizhong Xu, Yanshan University, China

Asso. Prof. Qijuan Chen, Wuhan University, China

Dean, Prof. G.Selvakumar, School of Electrical Sciences, V.M.K.V. Engineering College, India

Prof. S. S. Keshavrao, Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, India

Paper Submission

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Important Dates

Submission Deadline:

August 23, 2023 (Round 1)

September 23, 2023 (Round 2)


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Conference Date:

September 23-24, 2023